Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bora could use a hand

For those of you who are regular readers or are coming over from Tara's Grand Rounds at Aetiology, you are probably familiar with our colleague, Bora Zivkovic (aka Coturnix), known best for his blog, Science & Politics. He's trying to finish his thesis while supporting his family and has hit a bit of a financial rut; I know it took a lot of humility for him to put out a call for assistance.

My Northwest coast blog bud, Bill Hooker of Open Reading Frame, has put together a lovely justification for sending a few dubloons Bora's way:
"More to my point, Bora's a member of my community: inter alia, a researcher and a science blogger. And if you happen to be a blogger, teacher and/or researcher, consider this: Bora is the sort of person we want in our community. It will not take much reading of his main site, or his associated teaching and research blogs (Magic School Bus and Circadiana, respectively), to convince you that he has talent for science and for science teaching; nor will it take more than a glance at the support he has given various blogging carnivals to demonstrate that he understands and values community; nor is it necessary to look beyond his writing about science blogging itself to see that he has a forward-looking, can-do way of thinking about science and community and what the two can do for each other."

I'm lucky to know Bora personally but I know that folks all around the world are grateful for his knowledge and insights. So, I encourage my readers to roll on over to Bora's main site and click on the PayPal and Amazon icons on his right sidebar. Let him know how much you value his contributions to our community, local and international. Others with their own blogs may care to do the same.

While you're at it, let Hooker know he's a good egg for getting this ball rolling.


At Tue May 09, 05:59:00 PM EDT, Blogger coturnix said...

Thank you so much!!!!!

At Wed May 10, 04:48:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Kim said...

Thanks for posting this - I'll put up a post, too!


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