Monday, April 24, 2006

Inaugural Pediatric Grand Rounds

Even we PhDs know that pediatric patients are not simply little adults.

As a relatively new parent, my hat has always gone off to Dr Clark Bartram of Unintelligent Design and other peds docs like Dr Flea, for taking care of our little people. In my mind, the only folks with better bleacher seats in heaven are pediatric oncologists.

Well, my compatriot over them thar mountains has asked quite kindly that I promote the inaugural Pediatric Grand Rounds. It's my pleasure to do so; in fact, I'm just glad that Clark asked me before he asked someone else.

I'd have taken to submitting my own fodder on the use and contraindications of herbal supplements in children but I just couldn't make the deadline. Hence, I encourage y'all to wander over to the good Dr Bartram's establishment to take in the best of pediatric medical blogging there is to be had.


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