Monday, March 06, 2006

Not like it needs my help now...

Congratulations to everyone involved in "Crash," perhaps the biggest Academy Award Best Picture upset in many years. Kudos especially to director and co-producer, Canadian Paul Haggis.

I mention Crash on this blog only because Hollywood's attempts to make cinema out of natural products pharmacology has often been argued. I did hear that Mark Plotkin was pretty good playing himself in Shaman's Apprentice, but I think that it's considered more of a documentary than a full-length feature film.

Crash has been on my favorites list since starting this blog. Even if you think you are the most tolerant, peace-loving, Dalai Lama-type, this movie will have you questioning your assumptions on race, class, and will have you look at even your most everyday relationships in a very new way.

The little girl jumping onto her father's shoulders as he was shot had me sobbing in bed later that night when I kissed my own little girl goodnight.

Now that's cinema.


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