Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Grand Rounds vol. 2 no. 25

Got a little insominia right now and I think I know the cause:

I neglected to post a link yesterday to the week's best of the medical blogosphere, Grand Rounds, hosted by yet another Down-Under-and-to-the East colleague, PICU nurse Geek Nurse. (Saying "PICU" gets me out of the conundrum of using "Peds" vs. "Paeds.").

Beyond the usual scads of incredibly moving and insightful posts, recent Grand Rounds have brought my attention to two of my new favorites, Kim at Emergiblog and Dr. Michael Hebert at his Medical Gumbo.

I'm just a lab dude - I am ever so impressed with what you nurses and docs do every single day.

I'm also really enjoying Dr. Nick's weekly interviews with each host at Medscape.


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