Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Grand Rounds vol. 2, no. 24

The best of medblogging this week is up at Kim's Emergiblog. I don't even know where to begin with my picks because the whole dang issue is outstanding.

By the way, kudos to Dr. Nick for getting Pre-Rounds a regular feature on Medscape. I really enjoy the interviews with hosts, like this one with Kim.

Speaking of Kim, her own post, They Called Him 'Mac', is particularly insightful about how difficult it is to get proper medical care for a family member. (Side note: Kim and I also share fathers who were born in 1938 and both passed away this week in 2000 and 1997, respectively.).

Not to be too serious, my own 5-week battle with sinusitis led me also to appreciate the advice on nasal irrigation from Anatomy Notes, written by a University of Vermont anatomy lecturer who is quiiting his job to go to medical school.

At Diabetes Mine, Amy is a newly-diagnosed type I diabetic patient who does an exceptional job reviewing herbal remedies touted for diabetes.

Finally, I have to promote Dr. Andy's submission, Eat Dirt, Prevent Asthma!. The post builds on the hypothesis that our decreased exposure to non-harmful microorganisms is associated with the increasing rates of childhood asthma and allergic rhinitis. Regular readers may recall that Terra Sigillata is also associated the practice of geophagy, sort of.

Just a general observation as well: The other thing I like about blog carnivals is that they tune you in to other bloggers you may not have gotten to yet, especially on subjects you care about that aren't part of your core writing topics. This week, the hilarious piece of satire from Dr. Hebert's Medical Gumbo comes at the same time he has posted a particularly poignant piece on springtime in his New Orleans.


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