Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The case for promoting women's sports and the ugliness of entitlement

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At Wed Mar 29, 10:03:00 AM EST, Blogger Congogirl said...

Thanks for sharing this, as well as the editorial link. I haven't been keeping up on this story, so it's good to have an overview of the effects on the community.

At Wed Mar 29, 02:01:00 PM EST, Anonymous Otarre said...

You are genrous in sharing a glimpse of the tragedy that surrounds others when a few go
a muck. Keep the information flowing.

At Wed Mar 29, 06:08:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liz from I Speak of Dreams here.

There's a pretty side to entitlement?

Margaret Soltan, who writes the blog University Diaries, is writing a lot about the Duke heinousness, as well as bad behavior elsewhere.

At Wed Mar 29, 09:08:00 PM EST, Blogger Abel PharmBoy said...

congogirl: thanks. this thing is just going from bad to worse. i couldn't make it to tonight's rally and march but i hope it was useful to publicize it here.

otarre: the irony of online communication is that it has such great potential to restore a sense of local community. i hope that you find this useful and get involved in your own community.

liz: your point is well taken: i should change the title to "the ugliness of entitlement." yes, i have seen prof soltan's site and hers was the first link i saw to the smoking gun's documentation of the search warrant and the victim's statement. it made me physically ill to read the description of the events.

At Fri Mar 31, 08:02:00 PM EST, Blogger Dan Dright said...

Nice post. I'd love to share something specific with you, but I can't.

I can be general, however:

It is an e-mail my wife, an admin faculty member at UMW, received regarding a speech given at UNC by a UMW professor at one of the protests.

The email called into question the integrity of the victims, was not-so-covertly racist, and was written by one of the moms of a star women's lacrosse player at Duke.

It really made me ill.

At Sat Apr 01, 07:16:00 AM EST, Blogger Abel PharmBoy said...

Dan, many thanks for the tip - I understand. Unfortunately, 'blame the victims' is all too common in the aftermath of rape allegations. Add to that the media attention to the convergence of rape, race, and class issues, plus the propensity for Duke to polarize sports fans around the world, I wouldn't doubt if this e-mail were to ultimately see light of day. Even without the disturbing comments from a parent of the women's team, you already see the attorneys for the players ganging up on the two women. The mudflinging has only just begun.

But, on a personal note, belated congrats to you and your wife on your beautiful new son (see Dan's site for beautiful photos of his wife and boy). I hope that we can give our kids a more loving and tolerant world - it's at least a nobel goal.

At Sun Apr 02, 08:54:00 PM EDT, Blogger Dan Dright said...

Thanks, Abel. Yeah, that really blew my mind. Although part of that is doubtless the vestiges of my own chauvanism, since I have a silly expectation that a woman should be less heartless than a man.

Anyway, thanks heaps for your kind words, Abel. Now I have to find that Cosby routine. I guess it's a universal phenomenon. *smile*

You are very kind also to say such things about my little blog and of course about my family. Yours is wonderful. I will post a link to you post haste.

Best wishes,



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