Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Grand Rounds and a wee bit o' housekeepin'

First, make sure to get over to Intueri for yesterday's Grand Rounds 2(21). The Valentine's-influenced personal ad presentation of picks is worth a visit in itself. Of course, always great to read the best medblogging of the week.

Second, did a bit of housekeeping on my profile to emphasize further the stature of my nym-sake, John Jacob Abel. When molecular biologists look down their noses at us pharmacologists, I remind them that a pharmacologist founded the JBC. I also moved a link to my e-mail to the front page profile in case any lurkers have suggestions for topics they might want to see here.

Third, I added a disclaimer earlier today that can always be referred to in the new "Welcome New Readers" section. It's all common sense, but the assumption of personal responsibility for one's actions in the US is not all that common.

Finally, the long-awaited move of Orac's Respectful Insolence to ScienceBlogs is now complete. I've updated the link in my blogroll to the right but it seems that there were some template and feed problems this week. Since my stats show that about a third of you get to me via Orac referrals, you probably already know this. For those of you who don't, Orac is only the second addition to the "Medicine" section of ScienceBlogs, joining Dr Tara C Smith of Aetiology.

Orac is a US-based surgical oncologist who holds forth comprehensively on issues of medicine and all-around skepticism, from Holocaust deniers to extreme alternative medicine advocates. Prof Smith is an incredibly well-versed infectious disease, microbiology, and public health expert and Aetiology is a great source for facts behind flu hysteria, antibiotic drug resistance, and being a successful faculty member while also being a great Mom and wife.

Good people, good information - what more could we ask for?


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