Saturday, January 28, 2006

Grant deadline approaching

My apologies, friends. Just as I have started to build a readership that is approaching 'dozens,' I've gotten quite bogged down in writing my parts of several research grant applications that are due on Feb 1.

Something about the letdown after the holidays has frozen my brain and amplified my already excellent aptitude for procrastination. Not to mention this week was the year's 'Day of Gloom', and you've got the formula to explain, but perhaps not excuse, my 8-day hiatus. I wasn't able to get 'on a roll' with my work writing until this past Wednesday but may now actually get some free time to post something useful and interesting.

How do my bloggerific colleagues do it? I guess I'll learn as this blog develops.

Stick with me, devoted reader, and I shall work for your redemption.


At Sun Jan 29, 11:16:00 AM EST, Blogger Orac said...

I was smart enough to arrange things so that I wrote my part by yesterday morning and then sent it on to the PI to work on. This means I probably won't have to look at it again until he gives it to me tomorrow for one last go-over--meaning that I have today off to write something for tomorrow!


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